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Lulu Web Design Vermont

My Speciality is Small Business Web Design

Don Westover, DPW Construction LLC

Mary Holland - Hartland, VT

I realize it’s cliché but I love what I do. The combination of art, business, and relationships (the key elements of a web design company) fits perfectly with my passions in life. Meeting clients, building websites, and producing something tangible that helps a small business grow is thoroughly enjoyable to me.

Every client that I work with is treated as if they are my first. I take the time to get to know you and your business, resulting in a fresh approach to each new project.

Why Web Design?

Fred Sperber, Ski & Bike

Small Business Web Design

I’m a fan of simple, clean, uncluttered sites that are visually beautiful and easy to navigate. I believe that your website visitor should be able to understand what it is you are offering within seconds of reaching your home-page; if not, you will lose them. I approach every page of your site with these design strategies in mind.

Helping Your Small Business Grow

I left a 20 year career in business, marketing, and project management to start this little web company but the experience I gained in that time has proven indispensable in helping small business owners with the many questions that arise when building a website. It’s impossible to create an effective website without clear business goals, knowing what makes you stand out from the crowd, and an understanding of what will convert your website visitor into a customer. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with it all, I am here to help and also offer consulting services to assist you with the inevitable questions that arise during the process of building a website and a business.


Forming communicative, long-lasting relationships with clients is at the foundation of what I do. You can count on Lulu Web Design to be available to you on an on-going basis after your website has been published to support your future website and SEO needs and to answer any questions you may have.

Free consultation

 LuLu went above and beyond “just” building a beautiful website.  She helped me organize my thoughts about how to find and present my unique offering to potential customers.  The extra hours spent with LuLu on business and marketing has proven invaluable. It is evident that she really cares about the success of her clients.  

 Being a technophobe, I am at the mercy of whomever I hire to help me with my blog.  I have finally found someone who is honest, knowledgeable and very conscientious about doing exactly what I ask of her in the minimum amount of time, and to top it all off,  Lu White’s rates are extremely reasonable. If you want a website designed, or need help editing one that you have, Hartland’s Lu White ( is a rare find. I recommend her with absolutely no reservations, except that once everyone discovers her, she may not have time to help me!   

 LuLu Web Design was exactly what we were looking for.  Someone to set us up with web software and be able to walk us through the design and publishing functions so that we can do our own web updates.  LuLu was great to work with and extremely friendly.  

 I chose you because you are unique. You are passionate about your work and truly invested in your client. More people need to be like you.  I want the best site I can have and one that works for me.  I will be getting that with you.  Thank you  

Ryan Crowley - Upper Valley Wellness