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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of trying to help your site appear nearer the top of search engine results when people look for the topics (keywords) that your website covers.

SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is an enormous topic and one which is constantly changing. “With the advent of DPR (Digital Public Relations), its time to rethink SEO entirely”, states Website Magazine, “focusing efforts on a creative and nearly scientific audience outreach strategy”.  Lulu Web Design keeps up-to-date with the world of SEO so that the appropriate strategies can be incorporated into your site and overall optimization strategy. All SEO services offered are targeted towards improving your content or increasing the number of links to your website. Depending on the needs of the project, Lulu Web Design either performs these services in-house or works closely with known and trusted local consultants.

What we measure, we tend to improve. Google Analytics, if set-up well, provides some really great statistics allowing you to track the performance of your website. Lulu Web Design can provide reports that show you:

Lulu Web Design has completed the Google Analytics Academy.

SEO/SEM Services

Using tools of the industry, data from global, national and local queries is analyzed to identify the most profitable niche keywords for your site. This service also includes competitive analysis.

Keyword Research

Using Google’s current best practices, each element on a website page that influences search engine ranking is optimized using the keywords identified. Here’s a diagram of on-page ranking factors from SEO expert, Rand Fiskin.

On-page SEO

Obtaining links to your site from other sites (known as “back linking”) is a critical component of improving your search engine ranking. With Lulu Web Design, directories are manually researched and hand-picked so that Google does not penalize your site for black-hat SEO strategies.

Directory Listings

Writing articles or guest blog posts not only increases exposure of your business, but also helps gain back-links to your site from reputable and relevant websites. Lulu Web Design will perform research to identify the best places to target your article & blog posts, as well as help you write and publish them.

Articles & Guest Blogging

Improving organic search results (or ranking well for new websites) often takes months. Lulu Web Design recommends launching a Google Adwords campaign to generate immediate traffic to your site while waiting for the results of your organic search optimization efforts to be realized.

Google Adwords

Track SEO Performance

Search engine optimization services for small businesses