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Hopefully, by now, most small business owners understand that having a web presence means more than slapping up a quick do-it-yourself web page in a few hours and then calling it a day. While it may look nice on the surface, the vast majority of your visits are going to come from the friends and family that you've just emailed the link to.  

Having a high-functioning website is still a must for businesses, yet exposure to new clients comes from nothing short of understanding the latest trends and knowing where people will be looking for your products and services.  It should come as no surprise that social media, and Facebook in particular, has become the new normal with regards to nearly all forms of web interaction. If you want your business to be found, talked about, and shared, getting schooled on Facebook's new search engine is a fantastic first step.

Facebook Dominance

There's no doubt about it - Facebook is important!  According to the latest data from Statistica, there are more than 1.6 billion social network users worldwide.  Facebook's latest figures tell us that there are now 1.55 billion active Facebook users, making it the most popular social networking website by a very wide margin.  Here are a few other Facebook stats meant to drive the point home:

Facebook's New Search Engine

Facebook has been taking great pains in the past year to improve its search function.  The website's Search FYI is now much more powerful as Facebook has indexed over 2 trillion posts that give users access to more relevant data and public conversations about products and services.  Not many people are aware of this yet, but Facebook is also developing a local search tool, called Professional Services, that is still very much in its early stages.  This new tool allows searchers to select from a massive list of business categories in their local area to find companies that have a presence on Facebook.  Results displayed take into account such things as Facebook reviews, user preferences, and a businesses' level of engagement on the site.

Implications for Businesses

Some are touting the new Facebook local search feature as something that could easily rival Yelp or Google.  Customers are already on the website for an inordinate amount of time each day so it would follow that their interactions would extend into other areas, such as local search.  In fact, it already has. According to a study by IBM, 75% of customers indicate that they use social media as part of their buying process.  Consumers are researching companies, products and services on social networks at an increasing rate.  Those who can't be found will simply be passed over for the next name on their list.

The new developments in Facebook search make having a consistent and engaged presence on this website more important than ever.  Over a billion active users make this a profitable platform that is difficult to ignore.  Facebook marketing starts with a Facebook Page, and Lulu Web Design offers quality social media marketing services at an affordable price.   Contact us today to get started or with any questions you may have.

How to Stay Popular in Facebook’s New
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