About Lulu

Website Designer & Small Business Strategist

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I love helping small businesses grow

With over 10 years as a small business consultant, a background in marketing, and a flair for web design and branding, I've got your small business bases covered. 



My Guiding Principles

Everything starts with a vision. Where are you now, where do you truly want to be, how does your business idea and mission fit into the overall vision of your life, and how do you get there? Uncovering and igniting your vision is elemental to a thriving business and fulfilling life.

Humanity & connection. Honest connection is valued highly in this day and age. An authentic desire to make a positive difference in our clients lives is paramount. When we are working from a true vision, this will come naturally.

De-marketize marketing. Be rid of marketing jargon and all the BS that goes along with it. Provide a refreshing and memorable experience to clients through truthful and transparent exchanges; not as a strategy, but because it aligns with our values.

Dare to be different. Follow your true north and the right clients will be drawn to you. Dare to fail and be prepared to learn. Failure is just part of the process of being an entrepreneur.

Do the work, work hard. It's hard work. You have to be willing to make priorities, see and overcome resistance, and stick to the plan while remaining flexible to changes and improvements. You can do this, but you've got to want it!

Ask for help. I don't know a single entrepreneur who isn't weak in some areas of running a business. Let down the drawbridge and ask for help when you need it instead of getting stuck or going in circles around the issue.


Lulu is so talented and creative…she was also extremely patient with us during the learning process.
— Sudie Watson - Sudies in Woodstock
Lulu is creative, a good listener, and has great attention to detail.
— Dana - Good Neighbor Health Clinic

Working with me...


My communication style is friendly, open, honest, & direct. It is important to me that you feel listened to, understood, and cared for.

You can expect to be guided through efficient and effective processes from the beginning to the end of your project.

You will receive my best advice and guidance, but always have the choice of following a different path if it feels right to you.

Everyone has a different idea of what success means to them. I want to know what yours is.

If I don't think we're a good match, I will tell you and recommend other options for you to explore.

I want everyone to have a website if they need one. If you can't afford any of my packages, let me know and I will help you build your own.


I value and espouse a personal approach to my work and client relationships.

You have my promise that I will never oversell you and that I will take the time to discern how to get the biggest bang for your budget.

You might come to me feeling overwhelmed but after our 20 minute chat you will have a much clearer idea of how it all works

You don't have to worry if you don't have a clear vision or goals for your business - I will help bring you to clarity.

I work with clients in-person and virtually, Skype is our friend, and I also travel within the US for bigger projects.

While I do have quite a bit of experience, I approach each project with a "beginner's mind" instead of limiting assumptions.


Career Background

  • 1994 - moved from the UK to the US on a whim
  • 1995 - got my alien card and job as executive assistant to a fabulous CEO
  • 1996 - worked in marketing as programs manager
  • 1999 - software project manager in the dot com boom!
  • 2005 - left the corporate world to become a small business consultant
  • 2013 - started Lulu Web Design