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Easy to update. Easy to grow. Easy to work with Lulu.

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affordable website for andrea
Lulu is very organized and has a vision.  It helped me to have trust and have faith.  And she believed in me and my work, which helped tremendously.  She is also patient, down-to-earth and easy to work with.
— Andrea Manning


Affordable Websites with Beauty & Brains


It puts all the emphasis on a shiny new website with barely a nod of recognition towards the very things that will drive it's success. I know, because I used to build websites this way.

Here's the thing that I really want you to understand

It's not about the website. The website is simply a tool. Without the critical elements that make a website work, you've got nothing more than a Ferrari without an engine - looks good - going nowhere.

After five years of being in the web design business, and over ten years of small business strategy & marketing experience, I've got this process down!

  • I offer business strategy, branding, content creation and marketing to support you in your small business.
  • As a one-woman show, I devote myself to one project at a time, which is carefully planned out and scheduled.
  • Depending on the website package you choose, websites are complete within one-four weeks

A Website Process


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I can’t believe how you were able to take all the confusion in my head and create a beautiful website - I truly could not have done this without you. Thank you again for your patience, expertise, and most of all for understanding me!
— Stephanie Singer - Uniquity Pilates, New London

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Just two hours with me will save you wasted money, time, and lots of frustration.

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Spend Wisely

Affordable Websites by Lulu Web Design

While I'm lighthearted and fun, I take your investment in me very seriously.

I won't let you spend a single dime on anything that you don't need.

I'm ridiculously passionate about this because I can't stand seeing people blindly throw away their limited budget on something that is set-up to flop.

Take advantage of a free chat with me so you can at least get going in the right direction, even if we don't end up working together.


Website Availability

Last Updated: April 5, 2018

Websites should be booked 3-4 weeks in advance of the available slot on my calendar to allow adequate time for content creation.  Click here to chat with me about getting on the schedule


APRIL 2018

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MAY 2018

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Two openings


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september 2018

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